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  • Karin Esterhammer describes her life on the alley as the only foreigner. How do you think the neighbors’ attitudes toward her affect her experience in the country?
  • In what ways does being a foreigner in a Communist country restrict or free her actions?
  • How would you feel about being watched by the police, i.e., listening to phone calls, reading your email.
  • What are some of the primary differences between Vietnamese and American family life?
  • Swan acts and thinks more Western than anyone else in the book. How has that change her view of her country?
  • How has Western culture influenced and changed life in Vietnam?
  • What were the factors that caused tension in the neighborhood about her presence?
  • How do these influences change the way Americans are viewed?
  • Does Karin Esterhammer view Vietnam differently at the end of her journey?
  • How have her expectations about success and money been changed or confirmed by living with the poor?
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  1. Wonderful questions about cultural differences and how to make friends in a strange land.

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